PRISM Smart Controller PRO


PRISM smart lock controller pro

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• Use your smartphone to open and manage your door/gate and facility with the Prism app
• Secure door access: only those with an authorized device can enter
• Grant or revoke access quickly: efficiently ensure the right users have the right access
• Valuable audit capabilities: easily monitor access and access history with robust data and audit trails
• No keys to lose, no combinations to forget. No unauthorized key duplication.
• Prism web interface is designed for business applications working with many locks and many users.
• Easy installation: wires into electric strikes, magnetic locks and actuators.
• Strong Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signal for reliable connectivity.
• OTA: various methods of distributing new software, firmware, configuration settings, and even updating encryption keys to devices.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 8 cm

• Wide range input voltage (18-72VDC)
• Isolated DC/DC Converter main PSU
• Short circuit and over voltage protection
• CPU controlled AUX power input
• Reverse polarity protected Aux power input
• Over voltage protection on the AUX power input


• ARM Cortex-M4F 32 Bit main processor


• Wifi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n support
• Bluetooth LE 5
• NFC-A Tag
• U.FL connectors for optional external WiFi and Bluetooth antenna’s
• Hardware and Software watchdogs
• Support for OTA updates
• Fully encrypted end to end communications


• 4 Optically Isolated inputs


• 3 Open collector outputs
• 2 Relay outputs

Intelligent actuator driver circuit

• Over current and voltage protection on the
driver circuit
• LED and buzzer indicators
• Realtime monitoring of the current and voltage output of the driver circuit with instant shutdown
• LED and buzzer indicators
• Variable speed controller


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