Physical key management hanging on the last thread

The PRISM security solution eliminates the cost, security risk and complexity of physical key management.

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Overview of PRISM software and hardware architecture


The software is proprietary and runs on e-Thele SQD Networks servers. The software is used to create users allowed to access certain sites, locks, or areas.

The software is capable of allowing and restricting users to certain functionalities. The functionalities include generating v-Keys to unlock certain sites and registering new users to the software.

The software uses encryption throughout to protect the systems as well as the users from being compromised. The software generates encrypted access v-Keys (which act as keys) to access different functionalities on the Prism device such as unlocking and locking a system. Upon standing down from a site or system, the v-Keys are then invalidated and can not be used again – new v-Keys are required.

The software which is accessed from a mobile device or PC communicates directly with the Prism device to control different functionalities. The software can also be used while the device has no internet connectivity, thus the reason for primary communication with the Prism device being

Hardware and Communication

The Prism device’s main method of communication and access is through Bluetooth Low Energy.

The customer can also opt for a WiFi enabled unit if there is a need to remotely access the unit or if they would prefer over-the-air updates.

The sensors and locking mechanism attached to the PRISM device is a customer’s choice as it must comply with their requirements.

The customer also has the choice to supply their own hardware with regards to locks and sensors,  e-Thele will also supply the hardware if needed.

Any additional hardware will be tested by e-Thele as well as the customer to ensure compatibility.

Integration is a possibility if there are requirements from the client. Software integration can easily be done as the software is Web Based and uses API’s for data transmission.

e-Thele also owns the software and has dedicated developers who are willing to work with clients and/or third parties to enable integration.

If a client wishes to use a third party to supply usermanagement/ token management, this can also be discussed to the full extent of the requirements of the client.



PRISM Smart Controller PRO

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • NFC
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Over voltage
  • Under voltage
  • Over current
  • End to end encryption
  • Key encryption
  • Tamper detection
  • Intelligent door sensor
  • Open software architecture
  • Over the air technology
  • SMS Fallback
  • Web Interface
  • Manage
  • Issue
  • Add
  • Remove
  • One Time

Use Cases


Manage staff & contractors’ access to remote sites without any physical keys to unlock Base Transceiver Stations, Bunkers, and cages without any connectivity. Get a full access report with photos ensuring the person onsite takes accountability that the site is secured when leaving. P.R.I.S.M intelligently monitors all hardware connected to the unit to ensure the site is ready to stand down when leaving. Set schedules, giving a time by which v-Keys expire.

Critical Infrastructure

Restrict access to authorized personnel and prevent staff from leaving the site with physical keys. If a contractor or staff member token expires, so to will their access rights. v-Keys for access can not be shared or replicated and is site specific. Have online visibility of who accessed restricted access based on working hours and shifts. Improve staff accountability that the site is secured when leaving.

Renewable Energy

Avoid keys being lost or master keys being copied. Control access with high levels of security to ensure contractors or staff can access critical areas when needed to. Easily manage users, access groups, locations, and permissions. Add, remove v-Keys and determine who has access, and when.


No more looking for keys or sharing keys by nurses to access medicine cabinets. Get a full audit report on who accessed the cabinet and equipment stores. Security or administration can oversee everything, make changes in one central location and view an audit trail.


Manage, control and report on the use of shared access areas such as high value cages, reducing losses and making users accountable. Safeguard who can access areas, by ensuring only staff with the correct access credentials enter certain areas.


Ensure only authorized personnel access secure applications, such as access to substations, explosives and equipment rooms, and only if correct Health and Safety procedures have been followed and correct PPE is worn. Get alerted when doors are being tampered with or forced open.

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The Chrome browser is the most extensively tested app for PRISM.

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The Edge browser has been tested for most functionalities for PRISM.

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